Even When You Are Gone, Your Legacy Can Live On

Why You May Need To Address Guardianship In Your Planning

At this point in your life, you’ve acquired many responsibilities – pleasant and unpleasant, professional and personal. The care of children or disabled family members is not a responsibility you can leave up to chance if the worst happens. Turn to a guardianship lawyer to help you secure this important aspect of your life.

At The Saunders Firm, our attorney works with Georgia clients in the Atlanta area to help them settle on their plans for the future. Lawyer Amber Saunders considers her job to be legacy planning, and part of that planning involves finding the right person to carry out some of the most essential duties. She’s proud to help our clients answer this critical question.

Guardianships Vs. Conservatorships

In Georgia, an individual can assume the role of caretaker for the affairs of another person in two different ways: guardianship and conservatorship. Guardianships are for the care of the individual. This includes making medical and housing decisions and taking general responsibility for the physical and mental well-being of the ward.

In a conservatorship, an individual does not have any say over a person’s day-to-day life, at least not directly. The conservator of an estate, sometimes called the “guardian of the property,” has functional control over the ward’s assets. Conservators make decisions regarding investments, payments, property and any other financial assets the ward possesses.

Special Needs Planning

Typically, a guardianship or conservatorship is only considered in the case of an incapacitated adult. If you care for a child or a family member with special needs, then you must take steps to formalize this relationship. Securing a guardianship or conservatorship is vital to their care in these cases.

How Attorney Saunders Can Help You

The position of guardian or conservator is one of extensive trust. We can help you answer the questions of whether you may need one at some point, whether you should secure that position and whether you need to build a plan to pass your responsibility on.

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