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The Saunders Firm, P.C., is a Georgia legacy building and estate planning firm. We work with individuals and families to help them shape a legacy that supports living their best life now and continues to enhance their loved ones’ lives in the future.

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Helping Clients Make Informed Estate Planning Decisions For Over A Decade

At The Saunders Firm, P.C., our attorney, Amber Saunders, offers the full scope of estate planning services. She prioritizes a client-centered focus as she listens closely to learn about each client’s values and goals. Amber aims to provide individuals and families the information they need to prepare for their future in how they allocate assets for distribution after they are gone and how they are living their life now. She helps them to understand that creating a legacy is not just about material things they are leaving behind, but also about who they are or want to be now.

Amber has authentic conversations with clients about their family values, their goals for their children, and how to be prepared if something happens to them and a guardianship is necessary. She also discusses what clients want their family – especially their children – to learn about money.

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Amber was very generous with her time, prompt with her responses and precise in her advice. She is a gem! Highly recommended.

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Amber Saunders

Why Estate Planning Is Necessary

At The Saunders Firm, P.C., we believe that your family is part of you. You are the sum of your people. You may not have generational wealth yet, but it is important to be sure that your family knows what your wishes are in case something happens to you while you are alive. When you create a financial power of attorney (POA) and advance directive for health care, you provide your family with the legal tools critical to ensuring your financial matters will be handled by the person or persons you appoint as your agent. With an advance directive for health care, you can appoint an agent whom your physicians can trust to voice your choices for medical treatment if you cannot do so on your own. Without these legal documents, your family may have to go through costly court proceedings to obtain legal guardianship.

Our founder, attorney Amber Saunders, provides clear and compassionate legal counsel and representation for POAs, AHCDs, wills, trusts and other estate-related matters. She will get straight to the heart of what matters most to you.

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Estate planning is not just about what you leave behind, it is about who you are now.